A Stilling of the Heart

We race around in our futile attempt to get ahead or to at least to stay caught up. There is always more and we feel like we are in a constant game of catch up. On the other hand we procrastinate things that are not preferred and then spend all of our time thinking about how we really should stop avoiding and get it done. The sensation to move away or run toward is all consuming. Being lost in our head creates emotion in our body that makes up squirm and twist. The tension builds and we need a release. We either drink, over eat, shop, argue or whatever our poison is to escape, if even only for a brief moment. After awhile we are an addict to our substance of choice. Then we are faced with it increasingly not being enough to fill the void and push down our discomfort. We become physically sick from stress. Our system has been overloaded and the physical pain can even sometimes set in. The tension tightens our back, stomach, heart, etc. A stopping is the answer, take time to truly listen to your body. What is it telling you? Where do your thoughts reside? Why? What is your drive to control, the reason you retract or crave forward? Follow the feeling of the movement to run away from thought. Breath and be brave. The breath assists in making physical sensation more manageable. There is not ever real control in our lives, but we try anyway. Only to be continuously surprised by the endless changes. Nothing ever really stays the same. Breathing practice with interoceptive investigation is a tool you can use to let go of this trying to control. To contact your inner calm and safe harbor. Bringing a lightness you are in need of. A stilling of the heart.

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