I Want My Children To Hear Their Own Voice

I want my children to hear their own voice. The compass that guides them on their way. For years I was a lid mom. Always trying to keep a lid on everything. Controlling mom was an understatement. I was so anxious and attempting to stop anything bad from happening to them. In this futile attempt I believe I was also blocking a great deal of good from happening as well. I can see now the constant direction I was giving was slowly lessening their ability to make their own choices and in the end their ability to even hear their inner calling. If I couldn’t end this habit they would eventually be less able to become independent from me. I had made myself their iron lung, relying on me for more than seemed necessary. I believe I was creating a difficulty for them to use their own intuition when they were around me. My breathing practice has very much changed my never ending need to control them. The constant desire to never let them fail, to make mistakes that they could learn from. I am now better equipped to take a breath, rest in a calm space and let things be as they will be. I now desire for them to be free from my grasping. My hopes are that we can heal together and that they will be better able to listen to their inner guide. The freedom and love that was god given, a freedom I never intended to infringe upon. I was just a mother who was loving her children the best that she knew how. The infinite love that now flows forth is not limited. A beauty and connection comes naturally and I have achieved my dream of seeing their beautiful faces without hesitation and veil of fear. I sit memorized by this flowing loving grace. It is a dream fulfilled, an authentic experience, no barriers. Their birthright to follow own their own destiny. Their own knowing of how to proceed, to shape their own future, ask their own questions and take their own independent breath.

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