A Letter to My Little Dear One

To my little dear one in the struggle. Your are so much more than enough! My hope is for you to sense the infinite beauty that you truly are. Just please hold on through the storm. Sometimes in life we can feel so shattered apart it becomes difficult to imagine how we can proceed. The darkness sets in and time becomes a constant grind. You sit and beg for it to pass to make the discomfort move away. The black clouds are dense and muffle your inner sensation. You numb out and stuff, the baggage gets heavy. The exhaustion is unreal, a question of how one one can bear this great burden? The cruel voice is relentless telling you “you are nothing.” It is simply not true, your are just everything! Who you truly are is a remarkable, creative beauty with a wit seldom seen. Sense the deeper voice, your calling. Move toward your passions and away from the crawling. Head up, body tall. Hear your individual wisdom. The gifts you were born with, your unique vision. Find your sway, the dance that’s inside. Move one foot and then the other. Be gentle with yourself, the rust will take time. Dance forth and listen for the inner rhythm, a choreography made just for you, it’s your special movement. A song sung to guide your way. Move out of the darkness and into your painting. A splendid sight, the eyes are in awe. The potential you hold is waiting to be set free. Use your great strength your one bad little mama. To bear the burden you have is no small task. You have the courage of an army to keep holding on through this war. I have sat in your shadow chair, I have found an easier way. Please trust me when I tell you the chaos can cease. The great pain is a gateway to finding the solace. A stillness you dream of, no more dark noise. A freedom to dance your dance, to paint your masterpiece. It is all in your hands. Let your flowers bloom, in all their sweetness and beauty. Open to your life, it’s yours for the finding. An undivided and free room to live and flourish within.

4 thoughts on “A Letter to My Little Dear One

  1. I am inspired! inspired by your bravery, by the bits and pieces of your story, by your love, words, and by your smile. inspired to keep going. to remind myself that I am worthy and I am worth it. I am inspired to be like you, and to find myself in your place! to have a family, to be able to share my words, to have something to keep me at peace, to connect with myself and others. your letters to me have become one of the things in my mind that remind me that I am loved. I hope that this will remind you that you are loved, that you’re an inspiration, and that you’re thought about more than you think. thank you so much :’) ❤ -Sophie


    1. Your courage and strength are remarkable! I love your beauty and humor and everything else! You made me tear up with these words, as it is me great hope to save this terrible suffering we are afflicted with. Love and peace, Amy


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