A Dance with Grace

I have a fire burning inside my soul to know the truth. To fully embrace the unlimited peace that is our natural state. To have a full sense of the depth of loving grace. This forward movement carried me in difficult times. I was sometimes in the dark, but the glimmer of hope kept me comforted. I can recall the beginnings of my search. The moments I found the solution to my struggle. It lit the candle that would light my way through it all. Sometimes it would get dim, but never was extinguished. A constant source of inspiration to begin again and carry on. A mysterious force within that guided me through. Even when the blanket of grief was so thick, I could feel the loving voice of this hope. This loving endless support. Once I knew the direction I was relentless in my quest to hold this peace without the barrier of fear. I studied the teachings, I practiced the breath, I dug deep into my emotional landscape and rested where the struggle was located. The stilling and surrendering were the key. To embrace the hard parts, breathe and rest there. Courage was a factor, to not want to continue the habit of running was a practice in it’s self. I began with my heart space and slowly and gently uncovered the layers of tension and control. Over time I moved to the stomach, where it seems the old chronic pain is stored. This tasks took time, as the belly’s sensation are dull and deep. It has changed for me now though, into a center for realization of my current emotional state. A location of where I find my present moment. Where I go to regroup into the now. An immediate shift that creates loving clarity. An open space of freedom, I strived after for so long. Now, within reach at any breath. A moment by moment dance with grace and stillness.

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