Movement Toward Peace

A calling a destiny? A far away voice that cries out in the darkness. A sensation of longing for a knowing of the soul. A movement toward peace, a call to awaken into the mystery. A burning inside to breath the still air. To feel the silent spacious freedom of loving flow. To contact the universal wisdom, the timeless creation. A fearless beauty carrying bountiful peace. Wonder and mystery, a gift to mankind. Compassion and caring abundant and overflowing. Connectivity a quilt of the cosmos. Warmth to lessen the struggle and comfort humanity. Uncovered by sincere seeking of pure loving presence. A hidden message to be deciphered through investigation into the depths of soul. Searching in the swamp of the heart. A place of drowning in sorrow. Turning toward the night, opening into the dawn. A search for love, a walk to freedom. A Glorious eternal song, a message to be heard, masked by a fog of loss. A remembering of birth’s essence a beauty unnamable. Uncover the fragrance of nature’s arrangement. A sweet smell of fresh spring honey. A timeless view, an eternity of love. Rejoice a celebration from a 1000 year sleep. A dawning of spirt awake to the sound. A light in the darkness sending a message of hope. An inexhaustible force that flows throughout. A mystery that just is beyond description. A lighthouse in the storm securing safe passage. A pulse of love that beckons to the heart. Open to the current into an infinite river overflowing with loving protection. A vibrant warmth surrounding the soul. An island in a sea of lack. Surrounding the void to end the dark distress. A knowing of presence, a beauty without end. A coming together after being undone, the end of the pleading to make the pain lessen. A closing of wanting, a movement of faith. A letting go into the unknown perfection.

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