All is Never Lost

All is never lost. No matter how great the struggle there is always another way. When you are down and it feels like the eleventh hour, the time comes when you know you must try to do thing differently and search for a different way of seeing. It seems the last minute provides the incentive and urgency to make a move. I know for me when I experienced low points they were the most powerful windows to make progress. During my last low point I again fell into surrender and the stillness entered in. There is a great importance to difficult emotions, in that they are sharp and easier to locate. They seem to somehow create and opening for the silence to move into. Great suffering can be an ally to finding a peaceful way. I believe that this process is possible for anyone no matter how many troubles they may have. It actually seems to be a possible advantage, as the stillness is a great contrast to the chaos of struggle. It makes you seek after it more diligently, as a way out that is so very desired. It creates a movement that is powerful and sustained. The hope comes in and carries you through. The prospect of a life with ease seems the only good choice. The march begins and something keeps the forward gain. A mysterious understanding that the path to peace is what you were born to walk on. To continue on in struggle forever becomes unacceptable. For me it was not an option. From deep within the voice kept me focused on my practice. Choosing to read, listen, breath and regroup over and over again, moment by moment. It all added up, every small decision played a part in someway to this time in my life where I live from an open and free view. Grateful is not enough to describe my hearts sensation.

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