A Home Within Yourself

Find your home within yourself. Cease to seek for happiness on the outside. Satiation is an interesting situation, we get what we thought would make us happy. Then the positive feeling is fleeting and then we feel an immediate desire for the next thing. This process goes on and on and we wonder why are we unable to maintain happiness? For me a search for this reliable joy made sense. To find a calm space to reside in. A place to feel at home and no longer following a one moment to the next cycle of craving. With my breath as the anchor, I am able to calm and still myself and rest in a happy and joyful space. A comforting and warmth are present, with a lessening of worry and planning. I had so needed this restful place, as I had felt like I had been on the run for ever. Always avoiding my negative thoughts and attempting to chase down desirable ones. The constant efforting was exhausting. True respite wasn’t something that I experienced even when I would sit to take a break, I could still feel the spin in my stomach worrying about endless things. Now, my breath brings me back over and over to a tranquility that is beyond measure. A true place of calm, where joy flows and everything seems so much more alive. A true home, a place to finally still and rest!

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