Sunrise of My Life

An open and clear view, the winter sunrise radiant through the trees. A time of reflection and contemplation. The crisp morning awake and full of inspiration. Slate blue sky hopeful and a gift. I look out and sense the infinite connectedness, a oneness that binds everything together. A fabric of love and togetherness. I rest my physical body and awaken to the depths of my inner life. I stand excited and in wonder about the potential of the day. To take in the beauty of the present dawn fills me with a comfort I never use to hold. A lessening of an old wondering of how will I make it through this day? Time has now opened and I don’t wish it to move faster. I now rest in the moment, a timeless expansive sense. An infinite, spacious, abundant morning. The breeze dancing with the bare trees. The cold air silencing and crisp. Birds and animals play freely with the snow covered landscape. The frozen creek trickles down the slope refreshing and rejuvenating. As I reflect, it is more than I could have dreamed of. A hopeful morning, free and clear. A sunrise of my life. Awake and alive.

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