A Message for the Afflicted

A midnight walk in dread. Head low, eyes down. Slowing to a crawl scratching the earth to keep the forward gain. The deepest struggle, an eternity it seems. Loved ones stand by in sorrow. Tears dried up, a cold acceptance. Time slips into the next, without a candle. Darkness remains a familiar foe. Clouding the light, no harbor to shelter the fight. Pain so great hope to far, how does a person continue without? A fight so long seems one thousand lives. Grief and longing are all one knows. A fear in the heart a spin in the gut. A chaos of the mind, stuck in a terrible rut. Pull yourself forward there is no other option. A glimmer, a sound, your depths are calling. Gives life a meaning to carry the burden. The echoes of love the warm dish on the table. A distant hope, a far away grasp. Straining to arrive in the sanctuary foretold. An ending to the strife, screaming in silence to cease this type of life. How is this fair to be one so stricken? I guess we all have our overlay, our mountain to climb. We hide so discreetly our inner claim. A coming together, a giving of hope, a ray of light to shift the destination. A kindness so small can carry the gap, to jump the void, to persuade the lack. A thank you to you for being a guide. A shelter to me in a storm of the century. Remember the time when my seeking was damped, a worry to sicken the heart. I am found now and safe, my gratitude is not enough. A wordless freedom I exist in now and you were a part of the answer. A faith that ran deep a strange and sturdy determination. A story of the glory, a song of the soul. A warrior of the cosmos, an oak in the lost forest. There are not words to show the appreciation. I step forward and become free, a hope that has transcended me. Peaceful kingdom, a love full life, an emptying of longing and endless dance. A salvation so true, beauty and love, an abundant wealth. I share now the overflowing cup, my joy enough to stem the bleed. I will share your gift with others in need. My heart an opening, in my belly a voice, no more conflicted choice. I move now to my own slow stroll, my timing without an endless toll. Existence a mystery, a mystical lyric. As I shift into peace, I hear the faithful song. You were right and true all along.

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