The Rhythm of Nature

The intrinsic importance of nature in my finding awake stillness is immeasurable. I practiced mindful walking on a short trail in my side yard. I would walk around and around focusing on the beauty to the birds and the breeze. The natural landscape would help to integrate my nervous system to a place where I was more calm and prepared for emotional investigation. Nature seems to create an opening in the body where the loving spaciousness could enter in. I practiced to still my body, to contact my breath and be aware of the natural surroundings. It seemed like the repetition, movement, breathing, and nature were the perfect combination for me to locate peaceful awareness. The beauty and quiet stillness that resides in nature is a calming reminder to find the breath and fall into the senses. It provided me a way to shift into a place of loving freedom. A space of beauty beyond imagination. The clarity that enters the field of vision is crisp and still. The sound comes alive and the hearing is vivid. The body seems to naturally slow to the rhythm of the forest and the walk transforms into a gliding dance. A lightness remains where the burden once was. A dramatic radical difference in perspective. A knowing were a hope use to be. A surprise of the entire body, nothing one could ever dream up. Nature provided me with this precious gift and I am forever grateful. I look forward to every chance I get to be on that trail! A luxury for my soul, a miracle that was found, free, expansive and open.

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