What is this energy that pushes us? We constantly think “What do I want?” or “What do I not want?” Always a craving for more. We try to have it all, but it never seems enough. There will always be more external things to chase after. This is an inside job for us . To closely listen to this restless voice, to stop and investigate what this is? What are we running away from? What sensations arise in the body? What is it that is keeping you jittery and in constant motion, looking for the next best distraction? To avoid stilling the self, quite possibly arose from our need to be constantly vigilant and critical to avoid dangers. Now it causes us to be in constant motion. I know in my life when I was a child being trained to cultivate stillness was not a big priority. My parents were always working very hard to provide for our family and silence just didn’t seem a necessity. I believe our culture is also a major part of it. With a constant more attitude, a hand over fist grasping. Everyone seems to want the latest and greatest thing. Then the happiness only lasts briefly and our thoughts shift to the next external object. Lets face it this burning it up habit has lead to a great deal of mess. To stop this it seems best to me to cultivate an inner joy that lessens the incessant wanting. It creates a sensation of contentment, where you then begin to seek after internal happiness. Your focus shifts and material goods loose a bit of luster. You then look for experiences where you feel more alive and connected to your loved ones. This of course is so much less fleeting, this joy is eternal. The comfort of the ground of being is quite immeasurable. There could never be enough external goods to equal the immensity of this gift you can give to yourself. Your inner movement then shifts from constant craving to a quiet wisdom that guides your way.

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