A Quiet Strength

I now walk freely on my own individual path. I spent a great deal of my life afraid to express myself. Hoping everyone would like me and worrying about how things looked. My self doubt was a powerful voice that held me back from everything. It crushed my experience, in that I was always fearful to take risks and to put myself vulnerably out there. It seems that through my practices I have now found and inner wisdom that guides my way. A strength beyond myself. This seems a great benefit from stilling the body and reflecting on the depths of your being. A natural flowing voice that brings great insight. A sense of rest and a lessening of the constant self doubt. The hesitation still tries to come in as it is a long held habit, but I reassess, breathe and find natural calm. It is a reliable source of how to proceed. A quiet strength exists where the worry once was. A movement away from the overwhelming doubt to a knowing and certainty. A gift of this transition, a solid restful space with less disorder. Love is abundant and the divided feeling subsides. A wholeness and connectivity a product of the silence.

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