Your Deep Dream

Is it time for a new way? To have a sense of ease of your being. Are things getting better or are they staying the same? A restful expectation, a good forward plan. Move to a fresh rhythm, take your first step. Be brave and dive in, a swim across an ocean. Reach the opposite shore, feet firmly in the warm sand. The light of the sun helps you to rise to embrace the this new land. Climb your Everest, reach the summit. A view from the mountain a vista breathtaking and infinite. A new trail to be walked full of curiosity and promise. What is your deep dream. What does your heart truly desire? Would the relief of and open and free experience be a fine choice? A coming to life, a dream I held dear. For me the trail became increasingly open and clear. My hope for you is to walk on you own unique path. To have a fresh view to dance your own dance. What brings you to life, what is your great passion? Look deeply within, a search for your truth. It’s waiting to be set free to rise to the surface. A life lived with great meaning and purpose.

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