The Habits of Mind

To chase our thoughts around is a habit that we are so use to. To still the body and begin watching the patterns of thought takes practice, but helps to create a realization of what you move away from or grasp after. Possibly journaling could be helpful to uncover these patterns. Investigation along with a calming breathing practice can be a powerful tool. Excavation of entrenched habits takes courage and determination. I know for me in the beginning of my practice it was difficult to even realize when I was lost in thought. Through repetition I can now investigate, have a realization and then reorient back to my breath and center. To retrain the habit of a wondering mind, to refocus on a calm ground of being creates less reactivity. You are less surprised by new challenges that inevitably come up. We sometimes find our selves tearing into someone after we have hit our boiling point and can’t push it down any longer. Then of course the guilt sets in and we beat ourselves up for losing control with the people we care about the most. These knee jerk reactions are common when you are stressed. The wound is only slightly scabbed over and takes minimal distress to open back up. With this practice of uncovering emotional patterns and triggers you will become better able to respond to make a choice. Go easy on yourself a lifetime store of layered emotions can’t be undone in a day. Be gentle, investigate, breathe and find your own drivers seat.

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