A Wordless Refuge

I sit in deepening peace and feel at home with myself. The silence growing more familiar. A quieting down of craving and an increasing ability to rest in the awareness of the present. A lessening of an argument with what is. Calm stillness a comforting companion. The striking difference from the restless voice that once was. A new found freedom, a relief for my soul. Love seems to solve the problems here. Compassion a product of the opening. Living a divided life has lessened and I shift into a whole and balanced space. A lightness of being is becoming deeper. I believe it is the continued practice of returning to the breath and ground of being. The continual recognition of the body sense becomes more engrained and an ease to the remembering is more natural. It is a pleasure to return to the stillness and out of my questioning mind. Th noisy, concerned, planning space. The empty free body rests deeply without hesitation. A wide open heart, this love answers the questions that once were. A spacious warmth blankets the longing, comforting and providing a refuge. Abundance of this peace is a constant well to drink from. No longer thirsty for the truth. I am ever grateful for this natural state of loving support. A great mystery, but one I will not question. It is everything and so much more. Beyond my simple explanations, wordless and expansive.

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