The Presence of Love

When you are experiencing life from a still, clear and peaceful space your connectivity opens up greatly. Communication changes, your ability to fully listen improves vastly. Your focus on others becomes greater, your no longer just half listening and thinking about you response. There is a deepening of your seeing of others beauty. You rest and truly take in their essence and immense value to you. It is a love without a barrier, a flow of compassion. Previous habits of being guarded with others break down. You feel more open to expressing your emotions with them, you feel less vulnerable and the old blocks that kept people at a distance are lessened. Your heart is open and love flows freely. Every moment of this connectivity becomes a treasure. The memories sustain you, as they are at such a heightened level of beauty. Your connection and love for yourself is very liberating as well. To feel compassion for yourself, to stop the endless criticism and worry opens you to a quiet understanding. A space where you finally enjoy your own company and can be very still with yourself. There seems to be a blanket of love for all of humanity. You can see us all as one connected family. One loving group bound together, a community, a connectivity with one common interest. There is an authentic recognition of others importance. It seems especially in children to be an extremely valuable moment. One where they feel truly seen and understood. This profound connection that opens when in still awareness mesmerizes me. The blissful sensation that arises when in the flow of connection is truly the best part of being in peace. A beauty beyond measure, a mysterious presence of love from nature, connected, loving, open, undivided and free.

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