Your Calling

What is this calling the whisper of the cosmos? A pull from deep within to follow your destiny? A quiet message that unfolds the future. A becoming of passion, an unfurling of a flower. The potential curious and alive, a potent bundle to carry you to your destination. A richness of existence flourishing and unlimited. A spark of light from the dark, once a flicker now a beacon. A hopeful message to share abundance. An individual yet universal trail danced with great joy. Listen to the pulse of your soul a clear wisdom shines through. Quiet your body to uncover your dreams. No longer held back by struggle and strain. A coming to life, a wonderous gain. Joyful silence plays a song for your soul. A unique beat plays to unlock your heart, move it’s your special song. Find your rhythm and dance, you have been waiting much too long. Sway with the wind, swerve in the trees, this peace and beauty are yours if you need. Surrender inward the mystery exists, just waiting for you to open in bliss.

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