A Journey Worth Taking

What is the spark that drives your passion? Search for your own individual path. The beauty is that each of us has our own unique road to walk. What is it that you are living for? Do you have future plans or hopes that you haven’t gotten to yet? Are you happy and content with how you are currently spending your time? Is your heart full from the engagement in your chosen path? Sometimes if things get difficult enough and we come to a crossroads. We begin to wonder is this what I am meant to be living for? Have I somehow lost my own voice? Am I possibly just doing what others think I should have or was I hoping to please everyone? Beginning to find your own road takes reflection. Deep reflection that takes time to dive into. Do you love time in nature or maybe serving others makes you feel truly fulfilled? It is a good practice to spend time breathing into the body sense and investigating the emotions and images that arise. Your calling is an inside looking. A quiet voice that drives your forward movement. A calming to locate your inner rhythm that flows when you are in a more open and peaceful state. Your unique path to freedom is just for you. I know for me this individual walk took me to a place beyond my dreams. A place of peace, freedom and wholeness. A journey so worth taking!

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