Giving From the Heart

Finding yourself in the service of others brings great meaning to life! The occupation of giving your time freely as a gift to bring others comfort. It’s always a question of who is actually benefiting more from the interaction? In pediatric occupational therapy we treat children to assist them in becoming more independent and therefore improving their overall wellbeing. Play is the medium, but the power of their success is immeasurable. When participating in this occupation, I find myself in the flow of the activity. A meaningful joy comes up when you have a recognition that your student feels successful and happy! A remarkable sensation to be a part of an reciprocal interaction where everyone benefits. Human connections are what makes life fulfilling. How much caring and love you shared is the measure of your success. For me, I have been working in one way or another with children with special needs since the age of thirteen. It has given me a sense of fulfillment that is without measure. The privilege of spending time with such unconditional little beings is a gracious gift! To share your experience with another, to give something from the heart, to serve another brings an abundant sense of accomplishment. A feeling of wholeness and comfort, a meaningful path.

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