A Companion

Having a companion to confide in is a true gift in life. A trusting bond to support your every experience, up or down. Someone to purely listen when a difficulty comes in. Friendship that is unconditional provides a familiar and comforting space. A life long knowing that even if some time goes by you can always rely on them to truly understand you. A loving reciprocal support. An immeasurable connectivity, a bond to endure. Profound is the relationship without and end. A timeless sense, a continuation. An unspoken knowing from the very beginning, there was something unique about the meeting. An instant realization that something was different and deeper. To sense this immediate magnetic pull is a mystery. To be drawn to another with so great a movement. An undeniable kindred match. A deep quiet understanding where words aren’t necessary. A communing of souls, experiencing the beauty of each other. An intuition about the others struggles and successes. An internal feeling of always knowing just what to say. A compassion that runs deeper, a communing together in a dance of unspoken beauty. A confidante eternal, traveling together down your paths in life. Connected, loving and so true!

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