Becoming aware of your inner life is not about a 10 step self improvement plan. It doesn’t require making a great deal of changes or putting more on your plate. To me it actually lessens your strain as it decreases worry and the overlay of extra struggle. It is about the breath and investigation into the body sense. Even if you only check in a few minutes a day at first, it begins a practice that will grow over time. The checking in will become more automatic and your ability to recognize that you are lost in your thinking mind will improve. This practice is free and it only takes a little time, persistence and courage to complete. I practice with breathing into the heart space and investigating the feeling of the sensations. I visualize something that challenges me, not the worst difficulty but something smaller. I breath and feel the sensation and label it. You can be mindful anywhere all day while walking, eating, listening or whenever. Bringing the light of awareness to your chosen moment will change things from subsurface and unconscious to more clear and organized. From reactive to responsive. Happiness is found within, if you keep looking without you will never find it. Giving yourself the space to choose how you will handle challenge and not running to react. The more you explore within and uncover patterns of difficulty the more empowered you will become. A life lived with strength, freedom and especially great joy!

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