Sacred Walk

It seems we hurry everywhere we are walking, head first and hectic. Have reverence for your steps, slow down a little bit and be more deliberate. Breath in and search for still peace. I use the senses in the body to become more aware and less in the thinking mind. Look clearly at your surroundings and possibly count 5 things you can see. Soften your gaze and take an expansive view. Listen for the sounds and shift from you sight, really quiet yourself to hear fully. Rest in your heart space and use your sense of interoception to further register your emotion. You can choose to mindful walk anywhere you are going. Walking at work or into a store, anytime it is available. I truly enjoy nature walking with all of the beautiful sights and sounds. It really seems to integrate and relax the body further. I try to feel the earth under my feet and listen to the steps. It becomes a gliding movement fluid and flowing. I have gratitude for my body that is carrying me along and for the earth that supports me. Mindful walking improves overall wellbeing and it is proven that walking increases longevity. It is a simple practice with many benefits, it can take you from running to calm and refreshed. It is a sacred walk you can choose take along your path.

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