For me longing is one of the very most difficult emotions to deal with. You long deeply for someone or something you most likely will never have. The bittersweet agony in the body makes you feel weakened. The bitter part is the grief and the sweet is the love you contain. The mix is somehow more difficult as you feel both ends of the continuum simultaneously. This heartache runs deep and is difficult to uncover. Falling into the present and breathing into the body sense assists me in being better able to cope. I lean bravely into the core and rest gently with the longing. My heart and belly feel saddened, yet loving. When practicing on my trail there were definitely occasions where these sensations almost brought me to my knees, but I kept on. I believe this deep investigation has helped me to greatly decrease my level of suffering. I now, with practice am able to feel more balance and less wanting. More rest and less reaching toward the unattainable. I now can look lovingly at my losses and feel fond and joyful memories that hold the space.

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