The practice of being mindful of an awe inspiring beauty is said to shift your awareness to the present moment with more ease. Beholding a sunset with all of the light and shadow can bring you closer to a place of relaxation and letting go. A feeling of quiet stillness may fall over you as you sit reflecting on the end of the day. Observing a flowing river or ocean can lull the system and strike the conditions for still being to occur. The fluid water fills the eyes with a tranquil eternal sensation. The vision of a majestic mountain can cause one to be awe struck in all of its beauty and immensity. The grand scale of the mountain makes you feel a deep shift in your perception of your own being. Appreciating a beautiful flower garden creates a space of joy and wonder. All of the color and alluring scent open a space of serenity and stillness. Nature in all forms is of great benefit to connect with your inner silence and calm. I am personally fortunate to live surrounded by a pretty unspoiled environment. One with thick pine forests and a powerful river. The practice of awe is one that can provide the perfect conditions to shift from everyday hectic mind to a still beauty. There can be a natural healing that takes place where the earth nourishes the spirit. One where you can drink it all in and feel more connected and alive.

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