Born to Love

This probably goes without saying but, you are only born to truly love. To feel the connectivity with another being is the true art of life. The loving memories you make are the only thing you can take with you, a truth of your existence. To share this joy and love with someone creates a memory that lasts eternally. A fondness of a person who touched your heart deeply. To use your energy to assist someone in feeling positive and then radiating this essence is priceless. To help another rise higher to become their greater self has more meaning to me than any other occupation I have encountered. To create the conditions to where they find freedom to hear their own inner calling is the destination. A peace that brings open and loving stillness. A space of worth and compassion. My parents were the perfect example of this presence. They gave me freedom and a sense of wonder that is without measure. A platform built on a foundation of unconditionality, no measured giving. They were a true inspiration of how to live life. To give without wanting anything in return. To have zest for sharing experience, that created a sense of big shoes to fill. My gratitude for this life experience is without words. It leaves me with a sensation of wanting to give as much loving grace away as I can possibly muster. A fountain of shared compassion to provide a deeper meaningful experience. It is everything and more, an infinite realization overflowing and abundant. To practice this loving connectivity, lean in to your loved one. Take time to truly listen, especially if there is difficulty. Focus on your heart space and sense the warmth and comfort that lies there. If you are unable to be in direct contact with your dear one you can complete loving kindness, where you breathe and visualize them. Greet the positive emotions and sensations that freely arise. These practices are of great benefit to your family and community. They enhance loving communication and closeness. What more could a person want out of a shared moment?

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