Empathy or Division

We all come into this world the same way and we will all go out the same way. We may not have had the same life experiences, had the same privileges or made the same life choices, but at our center is the same common loving stillness that is ours universally. Empathy and compassion come from a heartfelt connected understanding. To sense into another’s experience, being open to sharing emotion reciprocally. Division comes from fear of differences. Creating a barrier to connectivity, a wall that inhibits understanding. In my experience if you practice finding your own peace experientially, this leads to a natural outpouring of loving understanding. A space of openness where differences seem less important. Where you feel a common uniting bond with all of humanity. A love that unites us all in a blanket of connectedness. A oneness, a common desire for happiness and freedom. We all truly want the same thing. We share our Earth as our home. We are not separate beings, we are one family. Finding your own peaceful stillness, to create a kinder world seems possible. A place of compassion, non-judgment and more acceptance. If you have less fear and separateness in your own corner you will be a part of tipping the scales towards peace. Create new habits of finding still awareness and move toward joy. It will take inside actions to make the change, because it seems to me that peace never happened just by talking about it.

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