Gratitude for the simple things in life brings greater meaning and depth to your experience. They say if your still breathing there’s still more going right with you than wrong. Being grateful for your precious new day and all of its possibility is a practice not to be missed. Often we may let time go by and maybe see the cup as half empty. A sense of measured perspective, where criticism of the moment is more likely. To have appreciation for all of life’s moments, whether joyful or difficult is a positive way to experience the world. From the potential of the first morning light to the reflection at the sunset. To practice taking in the beauty that surrounds is a profoundly moving activity. When spending time with loved ones, I really notice this loving sensation. The beauty that exists in a quiet shared moment is a glimpse into eternity. Just to have the freedom in your life to pause and take it all in, is an amazing thing in itself. To reflect on your gifts is a treasured occupation. To recognize the great value in your family, friendships and chosen work brings a deeper meaning to time spent. I try to take moments to be grateful of my material privileges as well. My home that shelters me, the food that sustains me, my truck that carries me from school to school and even my clothing that warms me. To practice gratitude for your life and all of it’s moments is a positive and awareness bringing practice. Breathe into the body, sense the heart, visualize your chosen object of gratitude. Spend time sensing the appreciation, warmth, comfort and security that reside there. It is a powerful practice that shines the light on the immensity of all that has been received.

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