A Fearless Heart

I spent so much time investigating into more difficult emotions like grief and fear, that I realized that I had overlooked being compassionate enough with myself.  So, I began with a practice of placing the focus on the heart space, breathing in and sensing the loving warmth that resides there.  I connect with a positive idea like healing or trust and visualize the chosen word.  I sense the comfort and loving support that surrounds the heart and feel deeply into the sensations.  As I continued this practice I really began to have a realization of the power that self compassion had to transform things.  It creates a sense of a protective barrier around the heart.  One where you feel stronger and more capable.  A comfort arises and a great sense of rest comes in.  Where once there was hesitation, now there is access to increasing bravery.  A feeling of overcoming a long held constriction and moving ever closer to expanding freedom.  A flourishing access to an open and fearless heart.  A practice that flows without struggle, one that naturally provides a warmth and loving security.  It seems the healing replaces old patterns of looping fear.  One where the repeated habits and neural pathways are rewired for a more positive and comforting sensation, it is both potent and abundant.  Practice shifting your interoceptive heart investigation to compassion for yourself.  It will bring you ever closer to having more access to compassion, that you can then share more freely with others.  They say you can’t really love others deeply if you don’t contain love for yourself first. 

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