Rise Above the Doubt

Be kind to yourself. I know sometimes my inner critic is not someone I would really want to spend time with. We can get stuck in a cycle of criticism that can become oppressive. We feel like we are not cutting it, there always seems to be more “should haves” that we missed. It is a hectic fast paced world that we find ourselves living in, one where success is measured by how busy we are. We put on a smile and say we are great, but underneath we are tired and feeling a sense of lacking. It seems the first step is to have the realization that your are beating up on yourself. A great deal of the time we go along and don’t even realize we are negatively ruminating about our perception that we are lacking in some way. When the recognition occurs, breathe in and be gentle and loving with yourself. You can even place your hand over your physical heart. Search for a still and comforting sense and continue to quietly breathe in and out. You can begin to undo your old patterns of thinking by telling yourself that the emotion that your feeling is real, but the criticism is just not true. This creates a new sense of positivity that interrupts the negative belief. Overtime, it creates a gap in the constant negative cycle. A space begins to open up, one where self doubt lessens and you gain strength. You begin to feel more capable and have less hesitation. The act of taking the chance to become aware and give yourself a respite, even if for only a few breaths will create a new habit of finding a calm space. With practice you can begin to expand the duration of the restful window, as well as having a growing awareness of when you really need to complete the practice. Creating room to rest and shifting into a positive and loving frame of mind provides a long needed relief. Breathe, re-frame, find a loving stillness and rise above the doubt.

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