Empty and Still

Still and empty yourself entirely of your burdens. Cease the continual movement after more. Slow your craving and become silent, open to this wonderous door. Wander along, no goal to achieve. A wholeness is available there, no broken missing parts. A place with an open spacious endless heart. Aimless and free. replace the constant running to catch up. A wordless peace remains to fill the abundant cup. Let go and give in to the quiet surrender. Enjoy the calm and beautiful splendor. Connectivity will be your amazing gift, a welcoming energy to heal any rift. An invitation to enter your still and slow body. Breathe out and fall into the serenity. A heartful union so worth the giving in. What you will lose adds up to nothing in the end. Only gain you will realize, an overflowing promise. Your noisy mind a costly drain, end the constriction to find your clear new view. A hope I hold for you to open and see this incredible truth. An emptying of the worn out baggage. Bringing forth a fullness so potent, a source eternal and ageless.

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