A Spring Walk Visualization

Envision yourself standing at the beginning of a path on an early spring day. So full of hope and potential, with a sense of revitalization. Take a first step onto this rolling path covered in a misty green. Listen gently to the song birds, their music coming from the thicket. The light of the sun radiating down and warming your face. You wander along the meadow feeling the softness of the grass under foot. The quiet sound of your steps one by one. Breathe in and sense the quiet spaciousness filling you with a silent abundant peace. Feel into the rhythm of your body dancing along the path, immersed in the beauty and splendor of the potent spring air. See the trees budding and full of potential and the first flowers blooming close to the ground so joyful and bright. Smell the freshness of the warm breeze, earthy and refreshing. Lean closer into the energy of renewal, feel your own inner movement. A sense to create and transform. A cycle of nature to cleanse and bring revitalization. A lightness in the body after a long winter’s rest. I invite you to breathe deeper and sense into your awakening potential, your movement to create, your feeling of inspiration.

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