The Sanctuary of Being- A Guided Meditation

Relax into letting everything be just as it is.  It’s not so much about the words that I am going to use, it is more about embodying the essence of what they contain.  Recognize the truth that is present deep within your being.  Your awareness of actual inner emotion is the gateway to your freedom.  Notice the inner movement toward or away that brings a tension and discomfort, the tendency for continual control.  A friction within that pushes and pulls, driven by endless thinking. Breathe and investigate and then “be that”, opening to the true reality of your present experience.  Let go of your judgments about your thoughts and their mirrored emotion in the body.  Rest and be present for whatever the sensations are that arise.  Be still and settle deeply into your body, sensing into the awareness of your actual physical stillness.  Release yourself from the constant striving for a new easier moment.  The place of ease resides in your present now.  The past or future will never provide the respite you are seeking.  The quiet retreat is within you and is accessed through ceasing the effort to move away from your present experience.  The stillness of your breath and body within and without.  Surrounded and filled simultaneously with silence and peace.  Let a quietude envelope your being.  The boundaries of the body dissolve to reveal your deeper nature.  Feel an open and courageous attitude.  Rest in the divine ground of your inner being.  Maintain the energy of non-striving, a place of ease and receptivity.  A frictionless spacious flow of wholeness and unity.  The body shifts into a quiet potent freedom releasing all rigidity. Open to what you already contain.  You are not trying to obtain something you don’t already have within you.  Let go of the grip, the tool to use is your emotional truth.  Encounter yourself fully in this moment.  Be extraordinarily honest with yourself and move beyond to a space that is currently unknown.  Ease and peace come from the letting go of the struggle and falling into your present now.  A calm still quiet resides there, one where the worry dissolves and the heart opens boundlessly.  A place where connectivity and love are a natural outpouring.  Rest in the sanctuary of letting everything be as it is.

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