Surmounting the Struggle

Coming to find deepening peace has been a long series of what my doctor calls “adaptations”.  In my opinion humans are obviously masters of changing or we simply would have already ceased to exist.  I do believe however at least in my own experience that we are also great The procrastinators who come to the realization at the eleventh hour that adapting is no longer a choice, but an absolute necessity of survival.  It almost seems that a deep sense of desperation cracks something open leaving a space for inspiration.  That the great contrast of being in a dark struggle is the most fertile ground for evolution and finding a new more productive solution.  Simply the oppression of feeling that things are unbearable and the complete inability to further tolerate this fact, lights a fire within.  A candle at first, but eventually an explosion of bright potential.  This of course in my experience is not usually an overnight occurrence.  There will be times when the light is more obscured, but the knowing of it’s presence is enough to sustain the desire for truth.  Like the saying goes “when the going gets tough the tough get going.”  When things are easy why would there be a need to question anything?  There would be no muse of struggle to drive this exploration.  So in my life the short straws were my fuel.  What appeared to be getting kicked when you were down was not my foe but, my ally.  I always recommend leaning into the difficulty.  Make it your practice to ever investigate this uneasiness.  Where is the grind?  What is the source?  This space is where your potential resides, the potent place of adaption.  The miracle of humanities possibility.  My best advice is don’t believe your perceived broken pieces or wounds as somehow giving you less potential!  Who says privilege gives anyone greatness? Does being given anything ever make a person feel like they have a reason to need a new way?  Does it give them the experience to practice overcoming and the bravery, power and trust that come along with it?  It seems that being comfortable not always, but often creates complacency.  A feeling that things are easy with no sense you need to search.  See your challenges as the assets that they are.  Too much given to me is quite possibly a barrier to understanding your own inner capacity to access true gifts and surmount all odds!

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