A Foundation for Our Future

I do not envision the transformation of humanity to be one of restoration.  This would give the image of a crumbling palace that needed repairs.  To me this palace has not yet been built.  That we have all the resources, but it would require a completely new build.  One with a strong foundation based on being instead of constant doing and everything poetic instead of chaotic.  When I reflect on my own life experience or listen to the common concerns of my community it feels like a continual state of reactivity, where we are in a constant state of catch-up.  Where subsistence living or survival is the sense , no matter the amount of wealth ones has obtained.  A hand over fist, insatiable craving and grasping in a race with an ever moving finish line.  Like me driving with my gas light on just clenching and hoping.  I feel the great need for a sharing of awareness of how to cease the constant unending pull forward with not apparent actual gains.  To increase  the sense of satisfaction, satiation, enjoyment, wellbeing and respite.  How the true commodity we all so desire is liberating freedom from running this endless race.  I believe it is like cultivation of a potent field of wild flowers, to reclaim a once vacant darth of beauty. To access this unlimited potential there must be space made for a stopping, a practice of sensing into the drive within the body to never give in, to let go, or surrender.  Bravely creating an empty space of rest that can then fill with creativity, prosperity and unfiltered connectivity with others.  A place where there is not a heavy curtain of struggle between you and your natural being.  This practice would cultivate a place of preventative and proactive solutions, instead of always a reactionary attempt to cleanup and restore a constant ledger that is in the red.  To me continuing on in a doing and never truly being fashion will simply not be sustainable indefinitely.  That constant doing consumes our inner resources as well as our natural resources at an ever increasing rate.  With no way for us to replenish the draining cup.  An shared knowledge that practicing being brings the benefits of expansive growth, wisdom, creativity, inspiration and possibility. That in my view would be limitless and is currently untapped and ripe for the harvesting.  A simple cultivation of respite, to guard your moments of stopping, practicing interrupting the constant forward drive will expand room for your insights and give you a much needed and deserved space to flourish.  To make order out of chaos and create a life that feels whole, truly lived, abundant and infinite.

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