The Art of Occupational Therapy, A Life’s Work

In my view the pioneers of the field of occupational therapy were simply visionaries! They were before their time with the understanding of the great importance of meaningful occupations. The blueprint was a masterful and long sighted infrastructure that has stood the test of time. I truly feel that the framework of the profession has never been more important and more needed than it is at this time in our history. The founders had a whole view of a person from birth to death across their life span and across all areas of life including physical, emotional and spiritual. The idea of having the right balance between work, rest and recreation was an important concept as well. The high value of purposeful occupation and the significance of satisfaction providing an inner feeling of accomplishment. At its base after the war, arts and crafts including weaving, ceramics and painting held a great deal of importance. With the realization about the potent affect of being in the flow or zone of an occupation. At our core we are a very industrious beings and at our origins created tools, arts, cooked, were caregivers and gathered food. There is a deep knowing of the infinite value to having a purpose and the independence and freedom that comes along with progressing to achieve skills. That meaning and enjoyment and the emersion in embodiment brings satiation and respite. The beautiful base of expanding a person’s inner wealth and maximizing the potential based on providing “just the right challenge.” To create accessibility, adaption or modification to ensure all possible freedom. Utilizing the formula for resilience and providing the sensation of overcoming. This ensures you inspire the desire for internal drive towards continued independence. As well as, protecting dignity, equal access, compassion and a sense of equal value in all beings regardless of any perceived deficits. A ground of having empathy and loving care and too me a belief in the idea that we are not just here to heal them, but that we are healing each other simultaneously. That we are in it together as equals and in the end I wonder who benefits more? For me this is soul work and is an art, a creation of beauty and inspired movement towards wholeness and freedom for us all!

2 thoughts on “The Art of Occupational Therapy, A Life’s Work

  1. Beautifully said and could not agree more as a fellow wife, mother and pediatric occupational therapist for over 20 years. Look forward to reading more from you.

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