The clench, the grip, the pain burns relentless. The heart it can hurt, the desperation seems endless. Catastrophe strikes and we come unhinged. Our head in a fog, our heart in a clamp, the stomach sick, we wonder how to live again? A wandering for security, a lost in the darkness, our world appears as an abyss. A broken down system, a quest for a new direction. A search light guides through a blackness so thick. A dense and smothering state, a crawling towards relief. A lightening of the burden, a lifting of the grief. A freedom comes in to end to the grappling, a truce. Make peace within your heart, life is this moment. An ease for your being, a place you can stand tall. A shine on your face, the warmth on your skin. A glorious new day, rise up and sense your greater strength. You’ve withstood the storm, you’ve made it through. A mountain you have climbed, an ocean you have crossed. A heart so powerful, so sturdy and brave. I see your courage, your an inspiring view. You carried it all when you were at your most broken. You are a demonstration of might, a truly tough soul, strong enough to let the hope shine through. Cease your doubt, you can concur anything. I believe in you, find your truth. Still yourself, search within your depths. Open to your potential, you contain infinite wealth. I’m so proud, we will celebrate together. A new day has come a time to write a new chapter.

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