Love Muse

A white dove signals the peace, a carrying the love to transfer the beast. A heart to remind the weary to stand tall. The beating almost consumed the light in us all. We guarded the flicker and fought to keep head above water. A sink or swim existence gave us a powerful revelation. We have reached the shore across the love river. The current was so rapid, white swirls of foam. I love my family it’s beyond great to be home! To cross alone with only an inner lantern, I admit my heart sometimes felt abandoned. Afraid in the dark and I can’t even swim. The sound of love a beacon to follow. A lighthouse, a shore, a new land of tomorrow. You are all waiting, safe in a love filled commune. I still feel some longing, I feel in my heart I’ll arrive soon. My plan is to lean ever closer to the sense of separation. The power of this fear and hesitation blocks our whole nation. A deep and treacherous current to guide others across. I am unable to leave anyone behind alone and lost. I sense this was my destiny, a deep agreement for peace. I can’t surrender fully if another remains in grief. I give all I have, a message to restore, I love to share peace, I know nothing more. My family of beings have endured a fifty thousand year war. The battles were ugly, so violent and taxing. It’s going to take a shower of love to thaw the frozen passion. Send all of your truth, or stories of passage, I continue to search for all of your message. I see the weave, a blanket of inspiration, we are all completely surrounded, un-circle the wagons. The cavalry has arrived, they bring the warmth and nourishment for our collective soul. All we have done was a movement toward this peace goal. A deep inner calling to find this beautiful day so open and whole. A mystery to me, when a head is so heavy the light within keeps the heart so very steady. A head down, chin up, 200 million year pursuit. A place for a rest, a calm from our soul storm. I wonder the nature, how is this true? An uncertainty I suppose, it’s just a love muse!

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