A Golden St.Lawrence Sunrise

Autumn sun rise, cloudy blue sky and tree shadows. Golden leaves fall to the earth like little whispers from the unknown. Wind brisk and steady, carrying a time for warmth and comfort. Spices and harvest combine for a Thanksgiving abundant. A time for a rejuvenation, summer heat always moves so fast. A slowing fire’s flicker and crackle, a smoke in the air. Glimmering embers so nostalgic and memorizing, I feel I can see the past gatherings. Wisdom and sharing, festive and full. Respite and nourishment after a long souls haul. Quiet a dream time, music and song. We all remember deep within it wasn’t so long. I smile in remembrance, I return to the origins. A season for preservation and preparing the stores. A souls time for planning a winter’s tranquil repose. My heart is full of anticipation and wonder, I can’t wait for the long restful comfort and slumber!

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