A Glorious Dawn, from Anguish to Ease

I will walk with you down your dark stony road! A stroll through the black gates, a crawling struggle, scratching the dirt. A desperation to take a full breath. Fear so immense it crushes the flicker. A night movement, weight of a mountain on the back. A seething pain a blight and a poison. A shattered living pieces scattered like a broken mirror on the floor. A bog of the heart dense and full of anguish. An immovable condition it seems, a giving in to the disorder and affliction. There is a way out, a walk to your life. A light in the night, a beauty to edge your soul. Please come with me I’ll hold your trembling hand. A slow movement thorough the swamp of sorrow. Slight progress, a one step by one. We can find our way though the maze of your mind. A shift to lightness, an ease into you peace. Never give in there is a golden path. Breathe in, find your courage, make little moves. A glorious dawn from a dark night to the rise. Just hold on beautiful soul, we’ll find the way out. Wait just a moment, you are pure love hiding in plain sight. A fullness not yet excavated, a tremendous worth. You are loved beyond measure you must please remain. Your meant to see your golden, glimmering, bright clear day!

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