Unsustainable Longing for Unity

A creation of no pain, a healed old wound. A still echo of eternal silence, a ceasing of the heart wrenched cold acceptance. Beauty a beacon beyond any measure, the gate is actually your sorrows. The sea once overwhelmed, then turns to your potential. An abundant liberation, love answers all query. Endless wondering in the dark, ceases in a bath of warm still light. Quench the thirst of a thousand years of doubt, no limited measure of worth or wealth. A level plane of expanse, where our prosperity can be built. Unlimited bonds and gathering, no longer only divisions. Exponential growth unknown, an new endless wonder time. A uniting of all our souls, a lived experience of passion. Constriction only an lesson of history, a dark time of lack. A separation a sense of a illusion of a gap. No longer a continual grasp and grind for an ever moving line. No more days bleeding into the night. A cessation of our struggle, an unimaginable relief and beauty. A quandary of why the possibility of connectivity seems unattainable? For me it makes all the sense, our longing for unity is simply unsustainable!

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