The Potency of Peace

Love and poetic shared limitless existence. Hate and the depraved, hidden and fear driven. A one by one shift into insight of creation and giving. Reactive and anger threatened and with judgement. Giving your light, a spark of hope, ignite our potential. This unfortunate and ugly darkness of intimidation and chaotic fight. Cleansed by expansive unconditional freedom and equality, our human right. Loving kindness, peace a wordless bliss. Connectivity to our children to inspire their passions. Fear constricts inward and cruelty retreats. When a light shines, it no longer can hide within the darkness it’s weak. A flourishing living, a blossoming of consciousness. Love shared support, embraces and compassion. The individual work is within each one of us. Our collective future is a potent environment. I no longer underestimate the power that one can have on the collective tree. It is our birthright and true nature to experience an intertwined family. A place of wisdom and shared stories. A loving home to rest our weary bodies and souls. I can see us all reveling in the golden splendor. Beauty vs. hate a celebration for peace that only makes sense is becoming. I will enjoy my embodiment of a slow inner rhythm in the community, so open an clear. Share your peace, the ripple is like a pebble in the ocean. We can overcome this blight, it’s a powerful and unstoppable motion.

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