The Lighthouse

Transformation, a broken to a whole. A reparation, from darkness to the gold. Overcoming the longing, the sense of lack. A stilling of the heart, a lessening of the grasp. A letting go of the constant hand over fist. I released myself, I had held long enough. Opened the gates to let the flood flow. Washed away the strife and looked upon the clear open land. Fell to my knees and took a true breath. The end of the race, the end of the last. An echo from within signaled the beginning of a new sight. A walk to a freedom, a walk through the end of night. Love a catalyst to ignite pure potency. A sun so bright it lights up the century. A deepening of existence, a meaningful outcome. All one ever dreams, a pulse from the heart-song. A valley of wondrous blooms, a fragrance beyond earthly understanding. A heart now unearthed, unburdened, so fearless. A lighthouse kept the shore, a glow in the constricted dark night waters. A beacon to provide a safe harbor for the vessel. I held strong through the wind, the rain and the swell. The ballast, the breath the steering of the ship. Kept the burden easing, a fog less thick. A flash, a spark, a candle in the darkness. A lighting of the way, a warmth to quell the fearful vastness. A constant faith you held through it all, a unwavering strength an unconditional soul. I have no human words for the gratitude I hold. You kept the belief, even in the time I lost all sensation of hope. A dark window of my life, a frightening prospect. The messenger you remained, the voice of a guardian. The place I have entered now, so full of promise. A gate I have opened, so radiant and full of life. I will carry your message to others in strife. I will forward your kindness in sharing of love. A giving of beauty, a flight of the doves.

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