Freedom’s Gate

A wordless beauty, a world clear and open to it’s infinite possibilities. A transformative energy, our souls set free. A beautiful hope, no more wandering in the wilderness. A ceasing of barriers based on broken narrow views and worn constructs. An unlimited vision, all perspectives seen as so potent. The shift to the high value of loving presence versus crumbling limited judgements. No more dampening of individuality and uniqueness. A new march to the beat of our own beautiful inner rhythms. Break the mold, a vision of the arts stirred with sciences. A great wide view of potentials, an ending of only one road to a frail perfection. Variation is humanities true gift, a hope chest of our fortunes. Unworthiness and feelings of lack a no longer just a given reality, an inner rift. A cultivation of positivity, a repetition to the literacy of our collective happiness. True satiation, enjoyment, wellbeing, a respite so earned. Where once our rumination and suffering resided, fills in with creativity and shared connectedness. A necessity, so our souls are no longer in a constant game of striving to keep achieving. Arriving in a place where we can finally rest and have a true emptying of inner movements, no reaching. A turning of our tide, a loving ourselves more fully without hesitation or limiting beliefs. A strength to share, a love fabric to cover over others trembling hearts to give relief. No longer an illusion of value or individual worth or station. The recognition of our equal wealth, no one first or last. A side by side measure, a level oneness given by birth. A transparent infinite grace, our deserved combined liberation. The doorway to our inspiration, a deep inner voice to our wonderment and imagination. Let’s write a new foundation of poetry, plant our fields of flowers. Our human potential unlimited and untapped. Expansive and whole, unlock our joining fate. We can all breathe in together, we can open freedom’s gate!

One thought on “Freedom’s Gate

  1. You always write so eloquently! Each time I read your beautiful posts I feel such a deep need to close my eyes and breath….just be! Thank you again and again.

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