The Grace of Giving

A natural flow of connectivity, divine order. A golden thread of strength that binds two into one. Fluid movement of magnetic communion, a reflector of an emptiness, what’s come undone? An intimacy, becoming a mirror of another’s healing place, no separation between. Giving of love when in pain, a guidance when lost, advice or embrace. Whatever it takes without measured cost. A mystery, an immeasurable force. Unfathomable this love and it’s source. A deep listening brings the message, quietude to hear the calling. One’s overcoming to reflect the others despair. Previous knowing and understanding, what hurt another has to share. A compassion, loving kindness to uplift the burden. Carrying of the last straw, a steadying of a courageous heart. A giving and taking of weight when it’s too much to bear. Meaningful interwoven space between, a gathering of souls to give comfort, connection to mend the tear. A line of love to carry us through, a commune to shield from a further broken heart. Giving of wisdom, a blending of souls, kindred from the start. How can we lift each other, understanding and validation. To be heard is to be sheltered and comforted, a powerful warmth, a salvation. A resting, a relief from the relentless longing. A moment of clear seeing of another in strife. It makes all the difference, it creates a radiant life!

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