Sharing Your Wealth

Share your wealth, a smile, kind words or an embrace. The practice of loving between two, a beauty, a treasure to experience. Tell another their wealth, their unique gifts or attributes. A receiving you will see, immeasurable in breadth. The expansion of your hearts will overcome all depths. Unthaw the hardened, shine your warmth where there is need. Your power to give kind words so simple, but the value grows like a potent seed. A curious view on this love wave we are all riding. It’s ability to wash away the darkness and decrepit. A new dawn of glistening souls I know we can share together. A walk side by side to mend our torn guilt. A blanket to comfort us as one, a loving presence to still our heart’s concern. This divine beauty a mystery, a gift from our births. Kindness shared, of world saving worth. “You are strong,” “Your are brave,” “My Heart believes in you!” So simple, yet profound this shared understanding view. Give it all away, your gain will be a thousand fold. The golden key to a beautiful future begins in these brief yet powerful encounters. A fountain of loving light, a spark of divine proof. Breathe, be brave, share your inner light. Reciprocal compassion, true love blooms between two. Expansion into a wholeness, an mysterious current flowing through.

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