The Transformative Gift of Sharing

The further I walk on in this mysterious journey, the more I realize the immense importance of acknowledging other’s inner wealth. To share a moment of reflection of what I see in another. To fully say what I would like to share and never hesitate to tell someone about their value. This has become almost a practice for me and over the past few years has expanded my hearts ability to love wordlessly. Another thing that I have learned is that often what we see in others for some reason they are often unable to see in themselves. That there is a hesitation for them to believe their own true gifts and beauty. I am unsure if it is our culture or our self critical habits that create this hesitation? What I do know is the practice of sharing others wealth with them is in my belief, one of the most powerful tools humans have to change themselves, their communities and shared culture. I recently was able to tell a dear woman that I felt she was a striking example of strength for our whole community. That her opinion about my writings was immeasurably important to me! This lovely lady has been through so much and has remained positive, giving and a pillar for others. The moment we shared, when I had the privilege of expression my beliefs about her was in my view a gift to both of us. These are the true moments I live for. I also believe we all see the wealth in others, but that sometimes we hesitate and miss the opportunity to share. Even in brief interactions that we could make so much positive impact of our own lives, our loved ones and even strangers. I fully recommend taking the risk, stepping in, taking a breath and acknowledging others gifts. In the end to me, this this is your own wealth. To tell someone you are so proud of their overcoming, their resilience, their endurance. Never assume they already know. This is a great lesson I am still exploring, but already the ripples appear to be growing into a wave. A wave of loving beauty that has the power to restore, to enliven, to ignite. The possibilities of this shared love seem limitless, curious and transformative. Thank you to the fine lady who has endured and given me an abundant moment filled with the heart warming gift of sharing!

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