Love Source

A radiation of love, a giving forward to inspire. We are all so potent in our hearts to create this desire. Beauty to share, to lift up one another. To give unconditionally, a bond to uncover. The current a mystery the movement of love. A flow to the next, a mirror of the dove. An experiential proof, a lived sensation profound in emotion. A warmth soul saving ocean. A seeing in the eyes, a sparkle of understanding. We bond, we gather, drawn closer to our kindred. One heart beats to the rhythm, a vibration. A glimpse into eternity, sense deeper into your hearts foundation. What does it say, what is the true desire? Reach out further into the uncertain. Take the risk, your glory exists in the space between. Chemicals flood the system of beam and gleam, it’s in the eyes and expression. Lean into the vulnerable expand your reach. The risk, the reward, a sensation we all seek. A truth of humanity, our birth gives the right. A magnetic connection, we get what we give. Draw towards you a like family, a place to truly live. The negativity will be unable to remain, it retracts in the light. A shadow is cast that exposed it’s blight. Reflect your loving presence, ignite the spark. Close the gap, enter the heart. A power we contain to enliven a soul, to enrich ones day with splendor and gold. A light, a glow, a spark of the divine. A current, a system to throw out a line. A communion between that radiates outward, expanding indefinitely a boundless conduction. To blanket over a hate or cruelty, unburdening a heart through unconditional connectivity. To show another their inner wealth, a sense of growing a powerful soul health. A teaching to give trust in ones own heart, we expand ourselves when intertwined not apart. Woven togetherness a birthright, our meant to be. A moment of understanding profound in its force, a love we give from our own divine source.

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