The Current of Love

Loving energy radiates outward like a pebble in a pond. Kindness and generosity seem simple, but there value is beyond measure. When we take the opportunity and privilege to lean ever closer, say a kind word or reflect another, this creates a groundswell of mutual giving. It is a powerful force that then echoes through person to person. In my view this magnetic mystery can heal and open our hearts. You live where you give and this giving will build a house of gold so warm, full and inviting. In occupational therapy this force is being labeled reciprocal regulation. It is a relationship where there is a transference of being where we inter-are. You embody what you want to share. Your presence can change everything one interaction at a time. It all depends on a direct one by one shift in emotion. A potent current to influence the loving vibration in your self, home, community and world. Unfortunately in the reverse, behaving abruptly, cruel or harshly creates a constriction in another. A closing down of the system and heart. A barring off to stem the wound. Overtime emersion in an environment such as this creates a frozen being. A dissociated walled off energy field. One that requires restoration. Positive energy in my experience can uncover this wounding. Providing a loving presence unconditionally, gives another a reflection of their own true self. A mirror to see their inner gift given from their birth. One that may be hardened over to protect, but also more importantly one that under it all remains pure love and untouched. In my view every one of us has a great gift to create a world we would all like to exist in. This does take a certain vulnerability. Our culture may require a bit of a shift in norms. One where emotions are a strength, compassion is very high value and love is our only true commodity. To practice opening your own heart. To give loving attention. This is what we were all born to become together. A connected fabric where the fibers bind hearts and souls. A oneness and intertwined family where we comfort and inspire another to continue forward with a positive presence. A desire to take from the interaction and move towards a connectivity with another. A flow of energy like a fragrance on the wind or a ripple in the river. This current is unstoppable, loving kindness is shared. To me this mutual loving connection is chemicals between, a reciprocal flow or conduction. A positive attraction that leads naturally to more inspired meetings. Our mirror neurons reflect these deep interactions and our systems heal and then replicate these shared experiences. I believe there is a scale to be tipped. A catalyst to ignite a flame that will become so bright it will consume the dark. Of course this is my belief, but what do we have to loose through being loving and kind? To me we have everything to gain!

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