Love’s True Voice

Love’s frequency, a pulse of our earth, the turning of her core. A tide that keeps time, the cycle of the shore. A beauty of rhythm, a silent song deeply felt. Origins of our beating heart, a millennia ago, our ancient echo a movement of one soul. A united force, our inner rate, a shared measure our linked fate. A dance of destiny, intertwined humanity. One step by one, we all shine together. No separation we contain, everyone’s glowing splendor. A door of the eyes, a spark from the unknown. Our steps on our mother felt and recalled. She feels our peace, our healing, our wonder. A balancing of our collective energy, a timeless current. Dip in your toe, feel the breathless, enter into her flow. Freedom our earnings an account fully paid. The ledger abundant the dues has been heavy. Open the flood gate, break down the levy. We marched together, no space between. Only illusion we have ever been individuals all alone. A shoulder to shoulder stand next to and share. Catch the connectivity, hearts warmed by loving care. A smile, a simple word or none, the community we build a gift to create a reserve . We rest with each other a sanctuary well deserved. We are a family of one love, we will discover it’s transformative power. The passion overflows, our stores of hearts glory. Our desire to connect, to see each others sacrificing story. To bring to the surface warmth of the hardened. A liquid melts releasing the broken. Rejoice in the mercy, a relief no words spoken. Stillness and true breath, a love source replenished. The drought we have endured a century of thirst. Drink from the fountain, then toss in the coin. This wish has been granted, we can hear loves true voice.

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