An Unbound Heart

A constant thread of worried thoughts, rumination can consume the day. A drain that continues, an argument always remains. A painful memory from the unfortunate past or trying to predict the uncertain future. It all becomes a preoccupation that never ends. Lost in thoughts, time seeps into the next. No respite or freedom exists within this condition. Coming to rest with whatever is, creates an opening where peace exists. A stopping of a controlling tendency, one where a stream of thoughts appear like our only destiny. Our true nature is actually very clear and still. A space where we release our grasping and let go. A practice of looking within to unravel the thick cover over our soul. What resides there may be difficult to feel, but the facing it provides a method to heal. What’s the sensation in the heart and the belly? Where do your thoughts place the burden so heavy? Experience your hard truths, it’s your best option. To come to grips with whatever your given. Delve bravely into the depths of your soul. Whatever exists there is the unlimited gold. In the beginning it all may feel dull and at a distance. Continue to investigate to reveal the depths. The rawness of all emotion from easy to the unbearable, give in to your truth. Rest in the ground of your being, the sensation of freedom is your proof. An ending of continual constricted thinking, an entering into an open space. A lessening of intensity, a slower pace. A view from openness a life of true living. A heart will sustain even in the most darkest of places, but isn’t as expressive as when it’s been excavated. Unearth the warmth that is given, a practice of bravery to face your wounding. Release the tight grip, it doesn’t hold water. Find your limitless vessel and contain all the power. No separation from the body and soul. A stillness resides under it all. Surrendering brings an ease like no other. A ceasing of troubles, desires and struggle. Maybe a glimmer at first, but grows into windows. A breath can return you to this beautiful landscape. A great gift to enter this ground, where steps are a dance and the sight is unbound. Where once a bone crushing pressure to reach towards and endless something? Turns into a much needed rest, a final stopping!

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